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Star Days Sim Date is a dating simulation by Pacthesis that is currently in development.
Release Date: Spring 2017

Play as Tara, a girl who lost her best friend to an illness but joins aliens from different planets on an adventure to travel outside the Solar System to "The Constellations", an area where people go after death. Date up to 8 characters and visit 4 different planets: Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.

Status as of 5/19/17

Character Sprites: 100%

Backgrounds/Maps: 100%

Cutscene Illustrations: 100%

Script/Writing: 100%

Code: 100%

Star Days Sim Date is complete! Click here to play!

Thoughts During Development

12/27/16 "I'm planning on using a bunch of my vacation days to just work on this project. It sure will feel weird to go solo and not be with a team of developers for while."

10/31/16 "Writing dialogue for chatting with characters has been hard for me in pervious works. It has been helpful to write down thoughts or things that have happened every day and to try to translate it directly into character dialogue."

10/09/16 "I wanted to name Erameni "Erawin" but it was changed later to sound less like a drug."

10/07/16 "My tablet skills have gotten rough! The artwork that's left to do is taking me a bit longer than anticipated."

9/05/16 "I carry a USB in my purse with copies of the files for this game just in case if something were to happen to my PC at home. I know about cloud storage, I'm just an old lady at heart."

8/14/16 "How thick is too thick for line art...?"

7/27/16 "I'm pretty weepy. Writing some of the script got me teary-eyed. Hit a little too close to home."

7/22/16 "After Lunar Days Sim Date I told myself to not make Sim Dates with 8 datable characters anymore because I begin to worry about file sizes and lack of quality overall but with the concept being dating characters from planets in the Solar System, I really thought it was necessary for this title."

7/09/16 "I'm really having fun with the development of the dateable female characters. I honestly think both of them have more interesting personalites and relationship arcs compared to many of the boys in pervious games."

6/30/16 "Dang, I often sketch the main character with ears but with her hair style, they are always covered up."


Tara from Star Days Sim Date


The player character of Star Days Sim Date who resides on old planet Earth. She has never been good at making friends but her best friend, Lee had always been there for her. When he loses his battle with cancer, she can't help but feel like she got left behind. She joins the Constellations Crew to try to bring him back to life.

Ry from Star Days Sim Date


A boy from Pluto and part of the Constellations Crew. Earthlings aren't the only ones who don't classify Pluto as a planet. The other crew members never even heard of Pluto before. He's the type that goes out of his way for others, but can be too compassionate for his own good... which gets him in trouble.

Magazine from Star Days Sim Date


From Saturn and the captain of the Constellations Crew. In English, his name sounds like a thing we read, but in his native language, "Magazine" is a rather common name. The technology in his world is beginning to cause major problems as people are abusing its power and causing war. Cute things tickle his fancy.

Quoto from Star Days Sim Date


From Neptune and part of the Constellations Crew. In his culture, exposing one's face in public is just as inappropriate as walking around without pants on. The face is something only lovers are supposed to see. He lost his mask and is resorting to a box to cover his face. Tends to freak out at everything.

Vanni from Star Days Sim Date


From Mercury. Also an individual trying to go to The Constellations and joins the crew after his pod breaks down. He seems selfish and bitter but has a kind side. His reasons for going to The Constellations seem different from the other crew members. Is somewhat of a clean freak.

Pavervill from Star Days Sim Date


An orphan boy residing on Venus. An honest and hard worker but has never really been exposed to anything outside his small fishing town. Kind but a bit shy. Is easily embarrassed.

Forah from Star Days Sim Date


A young woman residing on Mars. She may be young but she's the lieutenant of Raswaw - the capital of the country that has been recently reseized by her army from their enemy troops. She is tough but is also really soft and delicate on the inside.

Cil from Star Days Sim Date


A young man residing on Jupiter. He likes to get down to business and be very direct with others. He seems sort of shady as he gambles for a living. Is charming despite having sort of a rough life.

Erameni from Star Days Sim Date


A girl residing on Uranus. She's the princess of Minitoca, a colorful village in a valley. She's bubbly and eccentric and it seems like she would be beloved by everyone - but she's rather lonely as the townsfolk shun her because they don't believe she can be a proper ruler based on what happened when her father was on the throne.